Town and Country Kennel Club

Town and Country Kennel Club Building - 2507 Fox Creek Road Bloomington, IL 61704

2507 Fox Creek Road Bloomington, IL 61704

Town & Country Kennel Club of McLean County (TCKC) is one of McLean County's oldest dog obedience training clubs. We are a nonprofit organization staffed by experienced volunteers. We offer dog obedience, conformation, agility and other canine classes to the general public.

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TCKC is located at 2507 Fox Creek Road, Bloomington, IL west of the I-55 / I-74 overpass.  We hold our class in our modern 8,900 square foot, air conditioned training facility.

We serve people from all walks of life who wish to train their dogs - from those wanting simply a well-mannered pet to those desiring a more competitive obedience, rally, agility or conformation experience.

Learning at TCKC

The curriculum at TCKC is geared for eight week old puppies to older dogs wanting to learn.  Obedience classes are offered for puppies starting at eight weeks of age.  Agility classes begin for dogs at one year of age or older.  Both will continue through advanced level of training along with the opportunity of taking Rally classes.  Occasionally classes are held for members and students at the higher levels of competitive obedience and agility.

TCKC Board of Directors

- Paul Jensen, President

- Kathy LeBreton, Vice President

- Shari Somers, Treasurer

- Michelle Wright, Recording Secretary

- Kay Richardson, Membership Secretary

- Angie Evans, Director of Training

- Lynne Conder, Board Member

- Joyce Cline, Board Member

- Mary Lantis, Board Member

- Shelly Prehoda, Board Member

- Gail Vlahovich, Board Member

About the trainers at TCKC

The trainers at TCKC must have completed an apprentice program under the guidance of our experienced trainers. In addition to teaching our obedience classes, our trainers are responsible for:

  • Teaching instructor trainees
  • Support the 4-H program
  • Maintaining the curriculum
  • Continue their education

Conformation Class

TCKC's Conformation Classes are taking place from March 2-May 25, 2023.  The second set of classes will take place September 7-November 16, 2023.  This is a drop-in class on Thursday nights from 6-8 pm in the TCKC Town Building.  The instructor is Allison Livengood.

Spring 2023 Online Registration

TCKC Spring 2023 Online Registration opens on March 11, 2023 @ 8:00am and closes March 14, 2023 @ Midnight.

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