2019 Title Award Submission

Qualification for Title Award and Certificate Recipients:

Club member must qualify at Reward Level 1 or higher (have attended 6 club meetings and worked 20 hours during the fiscal year of 2018 (April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019) in order to receive a title/certificate award from TCKC.

Please fill out a separate form for EACH dog you own who has qualified for title awards and certificates.

Please indicate the "venue" of the title listed (i.e., Rally, Obed, Agility, Field, Conformation) after each title. In each registry section (e.g. AKC, UKC etc) there is an additional comments field to give a short description of the title/s listed (i.e. RL3 = Rally Level 3 ,JH = Junior Hunter, NF = Novice Fast, SHR = Started Hunting Retriever and from which registry the title originates – AKC, UKC, etc.)

In the additional comments field, you may include any other pertinent information that you may deem appropriate. An example of that would be if another person other than you handled the dog to a specific title and any specific information about a title. Information such as that is optional and will only be included in the narrative for the presentation of awards ceremony.

Owner and Dog Information

Titles earned in 2018

Other Registry Titles or Certificates