Classes at TCKC

TCKC offers training for you and your canine from eight weeks of age and beyond. Our skilled training staff will provide techniques to help you train your dog to be outstanding home companions, obedience competitors, and rallly and agility teammates. Using positive reinforcement training techniques, you will forge a strong working relationship with your dog.

Class sessions are held for 8 weeks and meet once a week for 45 minutes.

The fee for classes is $105.00.

TCKC occasionally offers day classes based on trainer availability.

Prerequisites for all classes at TCKC:

  • The dog should be in good health.
  • The dog must not show signs of aggression towards other dogs or people.
  • The applicant must present proof of current immunizations (or titers) for their dog when they register for each session in which they are enrolled.
  • The applicant must read, sign and date the TCKC registration form, read and sign TCKC’s liability waiver, read and initial TCKC's refund policy and include payment of class fees.
General Information