Registration Handout

Please review the following information before attending class

  • Each class is 45 minutes long. Each session runs for 8 weeks.
  • Dogs MUST be kept on a leash. If necessary, ask a trainer to hold your dog rather than leave him/her unattended. Dogs must be under control while on TCKC property. This is particularly important when you enter and/or exit the building. Do not allow your dog to interact with other dogs in your class - even if you are familiar with the dog.
  • Do not bring your dog to class if it is sick, injured, or ‘in season’. You may attend class without your dog.
  • A 6 foot leather lead (leash) is required in class. Chain, rope, and flexi-leads are not acceptable. Training collars and leather leads are available for purchase at TCKC. Toys, treats, and American made (arsenic free) beef rawhide chews are also available for purchase.  
  • Please arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before your scheduled class time. If you miss a class, do NOT attend one on a different night. Please inform your trainer if you know you are going to be absent so they can assist you with missed exercises.
  • Designate one family member to work your dog in class. That handler should then teach family members the techniques and exercises learned in class. Small children are allowed to watch classes ONLY if they can sit quietly. Children are not allowed on the training floor.
  • Tell the Training Staff immediately if there is anything that ‘spooks’ your dog (men with hats, children, loud noises). Class cancellations will be announced via WJBC 1230 AM after 3:30 p.m. A make-up class will be scheduled at your next class.
  • Use the west grassy area to potty your dog. There is a “Doggi-Pot” near the driveway that contains waste pick-up bags and a waste bin. You MUST pick up after your dog.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes during class. You will be doing some kneeling and brisk walking with your dog. If you or your dogs have any physical limitations please inform the Training Staff. Tie back long hair so it does not interfere with training. Avoid heavy bracelets and jewelry that dangles.
  • Lesson plans are distributed at the beginning of the session. The material provided is for your reference while practicing at home. Read the appropriate material before coming to class, but do NOT attempt to train ahead of the schedule. Proper technique for each exercise will be taught and demonstrated in class.
  • Success with your dog depends on YOU. Commit to at least two 10 – 15 minute training sessions per day. Puppies have a very short attention span and several sessions of 5 minutes each are recommended.
  • If you have questions or are experiencing difficulty with a particular area of training or dog behavior, please ask for assistance DURING class. Your classmates may benefit from the answers. The Training Staff are here to help you and your dog. Ask questions!
  • TCKC is a non-smoking facility. Properly dispose of cigarette butts in the container provided by the entrance.