2024 Title Award Information

Title/Certificate Information must be submitted by March 1st.

TCKC will recognize qualifying club members with a title plate/plaque who along with their canine partner(s), earned a title(s) in various venues (AKC, UKC, WCR, CPE, etc.) from January 1 through December 31, 2023.

In addition, if you and your dog earned a "Certificate of Achievement/Merit" from a National Parent Club, or other Organization (i.e. Therapy Dog and/or Search & Rescue), you and your dog will be recognized with a TCKC Certificate of Achievement.

Qualification for Title Award and/or Certificate

Club member must have obtained Reward Level 1 or higher (have attended six club meetings and worked 20 hours during the fiscal year). The fiscal year is April 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024. Here is the Reward Chart Information.

Title/Certificate information must be submitted by March 1st

Compiling and organizing award information for qualifying club members (Level 1) is a huge project. Once the information is submitted from club members, it is proofed, member qualification checked, and the information is transferred to a format acceptable for the engravers.

Once the engraved plates are finished they are proofed for errors, then plaques assembled, and title plates organized for distribution. In other words, it's a complicated process.

Consequently TIMELY submission of everyone's information is imperative. Please make every effort to provide correct, neatly written, and complete information.

Award format for titles

Club members who have an existing title award plaque (i.e. the dog has earned titles in previous years and you have previously received a plaque from TCKC) will be given an engraved plate to add to the existing plaque. If a dog of a qualifying club member (Level 1) has earned its first title in 2023, the club member will receive a plaque on which to place the 2023 title plate as well as the plates for future-year titles.

Award Distribution

TCKC will be scheduling an Award Dinner for mid-2024. Ad this event, 2023 Title/Certificate awards will be distributed. We had a wonderful time at last year's Award Dinner event honoring the accomplishments of TCKC club members and their canine partners.